Paladin Design Group

New Build Project #1

This beautiful two-story 3,500+ sq.ft. home started out as a single story, approx 1,000 sq.ft. home from the 50's. The owner-builder-realtor couple were not new to the spec home market.

As they say, "Location, Location, Location"...the owners had found the right property. The next step was to develop a spacious and luxurious floor plan that would take full advantage of the realitively narrow lot.

PDG developed the design based upon the clients wishlist....4 bedrooms, guest room, etc....with an intensive focus on function & flow

The design coupled with the owner's real estate experience and skillful choice of materials created a gorgeous home that would satisfy the most discerning buyer.

Shortly after completion and only after being on the market a couple weeks, this home sold for $1.8 Million

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