Paladin Design Group

Exterior Project #1

The clients had owned their home for sometime when they decided to to tackle a remodel of the front facade of their home. Due to their experience in other phases of the construction the owner felt they would be able to tackle the project without the assistance of a qualified design professional.

After their attempt at remodeling they were unhappy with the results. They were unclear as to why they their changes failed to produce a front elevation that they were happy and proud of. It was at this point they decided to get help.

A limited budget necessitated that structural changes be kept to an minimum. Previous modifications created a front elevation not only lacking character, but also lacked protection over the front door to the owners and guests.

The front with it's South-West exposure created many potential maintenance issues with the wood siding and natural finished doors. Even thought it had only been a year since the exterior refinishing, the front finish was ruined from exposure.

The new porch created a protective covering to those entering. Soft arches over the new windows and new roof lines added dimension.

In the end, the homeowners found what they were looking for....CURB APPEAL!!

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Existing Pictures

Finished Pictures